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Why Social Media Background Investigations?





Did You Know?

SCREENING: 70% of Employers use Social Media to Screen Candidates

CURRENT: 51% of employers use social media sites to research current employees

FINDINGS: 34% of employers have found content online that caused them to reprimand or fire an employee

Social media background investigations should be used prior to hiring an applicant and throughout the course of employment.  It is vital to protect your reputation, workplace safety and information security. With a combination of software automation and experienced social media analysts, we can identify a candidate’s potentially problematic online activity and provide you with an FCRA Compliant report to use in your hiring decisions.

What kind of problematic information can a Social Media Hiring Report reveal?

There are many reasons why companies should run social media hiring reports.


Behavioral Activity Not Aligned with Corporate Culture

Red flags on social media may include potentially violent behavior, unlawful activity, racism and/or demonstrations of intolerance. View sample report here.

Someone who posts sexually explicit material may not be a good fit for a company: View sample report here.

Social/Political Activism that Contradicts a Company’s Policies

A company selling hamburgers may not want to hire an animal rights activist.  View sample report here.

An energy company may want to know if an applicant has anti-pipeline/energy sentiments. View sample report here.

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Social Media Background Screening

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