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10 Things You Should Know to Limit Liability When it Comes to the Use of Credit Reports in the Hiring Process

Criminal Records Check & FCRA Compliance: How Far Back is a Criminal Records Check Reportable? Download Easy to View Reference Chart.

Workforce Solutions: 5 Best Practices to Manage, Monitor and Maintain Your Workforce


EEOC Compliance – How to Remain Outside of the Radar and Ensure Maximum Compliance with Latest Trends

Mario Pecoraro has written a white paper for Human Resource Professionals on the use of background information when screening applicants for employment positions. He has broadly categorized three areas where the use of background information must not discriminate. Please complete this brief form and you’ll receive the link to download a .pdf of this complimentary white paper. Thank you!

 “8 Factors to Consider When Reviewing Prior Convictions”

Learn how to protect your company from lawsuits by adhering to EEOC Guidelines. Includes links to state policies and how the 1975 case of Green v. Missouri Pacific Railroad shaped EEOC policy. Also, includes written testimony on the employer’s legitimate interest in protecting property, safety and welfare of individuals and the public. Download white paper here

“FINRA Background Check Rule 3110”

Learn about what searches should be conducted to be compliant with FINRA Background Check Rule 3110 which took effect July 1, 2015. Download white paper here

“Due-Diligence: TOP 20 Steps that Employers Should Take to Ensure Due-Diligence is Met, EVERY TIME!”

Learn about the importance of utilizing due-diligence during the employment investigations process. This white paper includes 20 takeaways that can be applied to your organization today to ensure that you are meeting the highest level of due-diligence, each and every time. The steps are best practices used by many organizations nationally. Please complete this brief form and you’ll receive the link to download a .pdf of this complimentary whitepaper. Thank you! Download whitepaper here 

Insurance Fraud Investigative Division

“The Multi-Pronged Approach to Preliminary Case Assessment and Investigative Plan Creation for Workers’ Compensation Claims Professionals and Investigative Service Providers”

This white paper reviews the best approach that the workers’ compensation claims professional can use when working with an investigative service provider in order to reduce the potential for damages and achieve the best possible outcome. It also lists the top ten steps that an adjuster/claims handler should consider when assigning an investigation. Download white paper here.