Infinity Screening

Infinity Screening

Infinity Screening continuously screens employees during their employment on a bi-yearly, yearly or quarterly basis.

Also referred to as “continuous screening” it  is a post-hire background investigation that continuously investigates employees at various intervals, post-hire, throughout the employee’s time with the company.

Depending on the package, AWIG can conduct the following screenings:

SSN Verification
Address History
Sex Offender Registry
Drivers License Search
Statewide Complete Convictions
Countywide Felony Convictions
Federal Criminal Convictions
US Patriot Act (Government Terrorist Watch List)

This service allows organizations to gather up-to-date information concerning their employees and assist organizations in their decision making processes regarding promotions, transfers etc.  Infinity screening also gives an organization legal recourse if the employee attempts to defraud or manipulate the company.

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