Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgments

Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgments Search

The Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgments Search is a great alternative to credit reports. Use this search when applicable to position(s).

Benefits of the Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgment Search:

  • Comprehensive, non-discriminatory
  • Clear/Black and White
  • Identifies major “red flags” that would be issues in a hiring decision
  • Similar information as a credit report, but non-discriminatory and non-invasive

Be aware that there are guidelines and restrictions with regard to reporting on adverse findings as they relate to specific background investigations.

To learn more about the time frames and what is reportable, please contact one of our FCRA certified experts or download our blog regarding State FCRA Laws and Best Practices!

(Read this blog to find out “How far back a criminal records check is reportable.” It includes a link to an easy to view, downloadable reference chart.!)