Mitigating Losses through Due-Diligence

Fraud has been growing as perpetrators have continued to develop new ways of duping financial, insurance and business sector institutions. Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group safeguards your organization by shielding losses as it mitigates the risks of fraud and maximizes comprehensive due diligence at all levels.


Dishonesty in the Workplace

40% of applications and resumes are falsified!

On a global scale, the median loss caused by occupational fraud was $160,000, with nearly one-quarter of the frauds involving losses of at least $1 million.
2010 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse

More than 70% of substance abusers hold jobs which can increase your risk of accident, lower productivity, raise insurance costs and reduce profits! American Council for Drug Education

The average cost of a “bad hire” is estimated at $840,000 ( in terms of hiring costs, total compensation, cost of maintaining the employee, disruption costs, severance, mistakes, failures and missed business opportunities.

Identity Theft

According to a recent Gallup Poll, nearly 60% of CEOs reported that identity theft is a top concern to them – and they have good reason for concern…

45 million people in the U.S. deliberately manipulate their identities. That’s 16% of the population! – ID Analytics

Our background investigations division has safeguards to verify, with 100% accuracy, the identity information on the applications we receive.


Insurance Fraud

More than 76% of U.S. consumers say they’re more likely to commit insurance fraud during an economic downturn than during normal times. (Up 66% from 2003) – National Floor Safety Institute

Bogus injury claims and related costs, such as litigation, amount to nearly $2 billion a year. – National Floor Safety Institute

Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality risk mitigation/due-diligence investigative service available!


(Avvocato Litigation Support International, powered by Alliance)

A process server with poor business practices, who fails to abide by the applicable rules and statutes, can cost you money and potential lawsuits!

Our litigation support division has expertise on the statutes in each state. We serve documents promptly and always conduct process service procedures in a professional manner.