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Important Announcement from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau



December 21, 2015…Minor Changes to FCRA Summary of Rights Form

A revised version of the FCRA Summary of Rights form was released a few months ago, and appeared without an announcement by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The only changes in the revised form appear to be the addition of the characters (1-888-5-OPTOUT) that correspond to the telephone number 1-888-567-8688 (which remains the same) for the national credit bureaus in connection with opting out or limiting pre-screened offers of credit and insurance, and change in the zip code for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, from 20580 to 20552. The form has not been published in the Federal Register, because the revisions involve only information that may change over time such as addresses or telephone numbers. To access a .pdf of the 2015 Summary of Rights form, click here.

What We Do…

With services available throughout New York and globally, Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group provides background checks / investigations for human resource departments (both pre- and post-hire employment) globally. We recognize the importance of having industry-specific knowledge/compliance and therefore offer specialized solutions for all industries. Alliance can recommend the most suitable investigations and “best practices” for all sectors including Financial, Education, Government, IT, Manufacturing, Staffing, Retail, Hospitality, Transportation and more. In addition, Alliance routinely works with vendor/security managers to assist with fully compliant vendor screening and credentials verification for all visitors and providers that work on site at businesses.

Our easy to use web-based system allows you to request, obtain and track customized background check reports 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The investigations are customizable to your specific industry, fully integrated and able to link to ANY applicant tracking system. In addition, Alliance has developed a proprietary Applicant Portal System where candidates can log in and provide all necessary information for each investigation including electronic signed releases.

Why We Do It…

Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group, Inc. takes the guesswork out of the maze of compliance issues for HR professionals and business owners. We keep abreast of the ever-changing laws and regulations making sure you are not at risk of negligent hire lawsuits or legal actions resulting from non-compliance of FCRA laws that protect applicants. In addition, we save you time and money by making the HR Background Investigation process simple and easy. Understanding your workforce and conducting thorough and proper employment screening can help mitigate risk and allow you to make better hiring decisions.

Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group complies with Section 606 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act: Employers must have a signed disclosure and authorization form from the subject (applicant) of the report before requesting an employment background check.

Customized Solutions…

Interested in a customized solution to meet your specific industry needs? We prepare industry-specific solutions and provide recommendations based upon what others in similar businesses are performing. Let us structure a solution for you. To view a list of our most popular background investigation searches, please click here.

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The average cost to settle a “negligent hire” case is $1 million dollars.
– Human Resources Management

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Corporate/Background Investigations

Our background investigation services include individual or customized package solutions!

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